Using kerosene heater to heat my coop?

Discussion in 'Managing Your Flock' started by PeepersMama, Dec 17, 2016.

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    My coop has been way cold this year. When I go out in the mroning, some of them have frost on their feathers. Dad has a kerosene heater that is safe to use in the "human's coop", but would it be safe for the chickens? I know that a lot of people are generally against heating, but the coop needs heat this year. Some of the windows (which are inconvinietly high up) are letting snow in, and they all roost a foot away from eachother [​IMG]
    Thanks in advance
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    I would invest some time blocking those drafty spots. How cold is really cold? We will be getting wind chills down to -35 in the next few days for the second time in a week. My chickens aren't heated nor even locked in the shed. There's always an open west facing door.

    Heating causes all kinds of troubles with fires being the worse. Heating also will cause your birds not to acclimate and they will be dependent on extra heat for the rest of the winter. That's a lot of kerosene.
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    Thanks for the quick response!

    Well, compared to your situation, really cold isn't as cold as your girls deal with. It's been down in the single digits and below zero alot lately, and we had a really long summer this year. It was litteraly 50 one day, and 10 the next. Stupid cold snap... Although, you do live in Wisconsin, and as we know CO is way down south from you guys. I'll get out there and stuff some plastic bags in the cracks tomorow (if I actually come home). I'm worried the most about our little OEGB girl, and her frizzle friend. They can't really get up on the roost, and much less hold their own once they're up there [​IMG] We have a giant pot turned upside down with a heat lamo under it, and they both sleep next to it.
    But all that to say, do you know if the fumes from the kerosene would hurt them or not? It's not really me who wants to know, it's dad...
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    I can't say for sure about the fumes, but they bother me when we run our kerosene heater occasionally. I know they used to use kerosene to run brooder back in the day before electricity was common.

    I have frizzles and bantams and they do fine. Some chickens are looking cold right now because the sudden drops in temperatures. Your birds will acclimate and be fine.

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    I certainly would not chance it. Chickens have very delicate respiratory systems, and the fumes, while being unpleasant to humans might just be lethal to chickens, especially in a confined space. If you are using it in a very large space such as a barn, perhaps you could get away with it, but in an average size chicken coop, I wouldn't do it.
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    The coop is huge - too huge for only 24 chickens. It's 12x18, but Dad built it when we had 45 chickens. Then the stupid evil mareks came...[​IMG]
    I'll tell him. Sometimes he wants another persons opinion, because he thinks that I just love my chickens and spoil them rotten, and he has to pay for it [​IMG] [​IMG]

    Thanks [​IMG]
  7. Far better "too huge" than too small! I think you (and your chickens) are fortunate to have such a nice big coop. The chickens will help keep each other warm on the roost, by the way. They snuggle if they are cold.

  8. bobbi-j

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    I would not put a kerosene heater in a coop or barn or any other outbuilding. The chickens will be fine.
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    If they are all roosting a foot apart from each other, they are not the least bit cold. If they were cold, they'd be all packed together. They don't need heat.

  10. PeepersMama

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    Very good point [​IMG] I guess only Jane and Izzy are actually cold then [​IMG]
    Well, some of the big girls are very good friends and can tolerate eachother enough to sleep in a huddle. Last years flock.... either they aren't cold (which I doubt) or they're just to awesome to admit to being cold [​IMG]
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