Using linoleum on the floor-when to put it on and how?


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Aug 19, 2010
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My Coop
My Coop
We may use linoleum in our new coop if I can find a remnant at a good price. Should it be put down before the walls are put up or should it be after? Also do you glue it down with any special kind of glue?
I put it down before I put the walls up and I used a vinyl flooring adhesive from Lowes. They also didn't have any remnants when I was there but when I told the worker that I was using it for a chicken coop, he found the shortest roll and made it into a remnant for me and knocked a huge amount off the price. You are going to love the new floor. Things clean up so easily.
I was thinking of doing the same thing, but i think it should go on after the walls are up so that it can go up the walls, i was planning on using deep litter. as for glue....i was going to be lazy and just nail it in, i've told my sister that we're not in any beauty contests (good thing too, the thing is butt ugly).
We've used vinyl flooring in two different coops. Both we put in after the coop was constructed. First one we used screws and wooden strips over the edges along the walls. Second coop we used a staple gun along the wall edges. Both ways have worked well.
When we built our coop, we were going to put it down before the walls went up. However, I had lived in a mobile home for years and that's how they are manufactered. It is nice for the fact that it holds down the edges but if you ever have to change it out, it is a nightmare!!! I opted to put the vinyl on after the walls and glue and staple the edging. If you want a finished look, I would suggest quarter round around the edges. If mine starts coming up, I will reglue and add quarter round. Good luck with your coop, which ever way you decide, you are gonna love the ease of a vinyl floor!!

Just a tip...only use plastic or rubber tipped tools to clean with...otherwise, you will damage your flooring!!
I did just opposite. I put mine in last. Mainly so I could run it up the walls a tad. I found a drop at HD that sells for 68 cents a square. They sold me that piece for 32 cents per. Cleaned out the coop from my tools and vacumned the floor, put down the glue and put it on. Not really that easy but it took me about 3 hours.
We put ours down after the walls were up and ran it up the wall about 3 inches using 1" roofing nails to secure it.
Hi, Either way will work, but if ya put it down before walls, it will be there throughout the construction and prone for damage from dropped lumber, tools, etc.. i waited until all of my construction was finished. Cut it to fit outside using accurate measurements and chalk line. I just turned it over, marked everything...cut and brought it in. I did NOT glue it down, or staple the edges, I just put a base board down around the walls using screws and that is holding it in place. That way during spring cleaning, I can remove my shavings, pop off the base boards and roll up the congoleum and take it outside for a good scrubbing if necessary. It worked for me anyway, good luck.

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