Using Monistat3 for my sick chicken (Sour Crop)

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    I read somewhere here that they gave their sick chicken Monistat 3. According to their post, their chicken recovered. My chicken got sick with the same symptoms (sour crop) and desperate to save her, I gave her Monistate 3 (a third of the suppository in the morning & a third at night) along with water, yogurt through a syringe. I also read that if you gently massage their crop, turn chicken upside down (60 degrees) and GENTLY push their crop to their neck, this will make them vomit. The smell was an awful after she threw up. I decided to add 1/4tsp. of baking soda to help with the sour smell.

    This is day three and still alive. Her head does not lay low as much. She is a little stronger than yesterday. How I know this is she is fighting with me whenever I touch her beak and easily pry open to feed her water and yogurt. Her poop is somewhat runny. I believe the Monistat is helping tremendously with the infection. I am hopeful that she will recover.

    I am new to raising chickens and after loosing her sister on Valentine's Day, I kept reading and reading to educate myself on how to raise chickens and what to do with a sick chicken. Her sister had the same symptoms. I did not help her vomit the sour crap out and she died. I didn't know anything and some of the post here did not help my chicken live. Lesson learn here!

    I found a site that I thought was very very helpful. If your interested,

    here is link:

    Anyway, I am going to continue to find this member and THANK THEM for their post.

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