Using Repti temp and heat rope or heat pad????

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  1. Does anybody have experience with the Repi Temp thurmostat?

    I am considering using one with heat rope or pad for the heat source.


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    If you google fridge incubators there's several people that did something like that on a large scale.
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    Quote:Let me know if you need some heat rope i have some left. I think 2-3 of them . And a small Under tank heater, nest box sized too. I can stick it in a envelope and send it to you. Its just wasting drawer space here. I used to have a Johnson thermostat. But you can just wire a dimmer in line to the heaters to regulate the temp. Its easy. A helix thermostat is of ourse the top. here is a link to some nice thermostats.
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  4. I am interested in the the rope and the pad. I sent a pm as well.

    What kind breeds of poultry do you have?

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    I use an under the tank strip under a 20 gallon,long tank. It works great for after they have hatched and are dried. I also use a light tho, seems like the strip cant quite keep it warm enough the first few weeks.

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