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May 15, 2012
we actually live in a very sandy area & so not by choice this is what we were stuck with, but... it seems to do the job, i notice they do love to dig down a little and lie in the cool dirt too! Now about the scoopers, I rake the whole coop but are some of you suggesting you actually scoop the poop just like with a cat? wouldnt that take alot of time? My hens arent really stinking too bad yet, guess since we're having some cool rainy whether, i suppose that will change once the humidity goes up
you could modify a leveling rake by adding hardware cloth to the blade. this would allow sand to go through but collect the poo and still offer good reach.
I'm new to Chicken keeping, but here is what I do. We are located in Florida, which is mostly sand. So my runs are mostly Florida sand. My chickens have access to two, four foot by eight foot runs and one four foot by four foot coop. I spread a layer of hay in my runs with a thicker layer of hay in the coop floor. Every week I check the hay and add more if needed. Once a month I grab my garden rake and rake out all the hay. I then replace with new If the runs or coop still look bad, I would grab the garden hose and give it a good flooding.

So far its working well for me


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