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    Apr 11, 2009
    Using Terramycin
    You say you are using terramycin for 14 days to treat colds in chickens well, here are my experienced thoughts:

    terramycin may help this time and 14 days is quite long to be effective
    are you using 1 or 2 tsp per gallon? Also teramycin is ineffective in 8 hrs so one needs to make it twice a day for good results. A week to 10 days should be sufficient. If not it isn't working and birds will get a cold again.

    DO NOT use terramycin as a prevenative. It only makes chickens resistant to its effectiveness. NEVER use any medication for preventive help to chickens.

    Also after putting in the water you need to make fresh terramycin water every 8 hrs
    It losses its effectiveness in 8 hrs.

    you see the terramycin company was made by DEHEC in 1990 to take it off the market and take out the bad stuff which was the good stuff to make it effective

    but when I was growing up 1940's thru 50's we used the terramycin with vitamins added at molt time so the hens would lay eggs and molt faster.

    also terramycin was used in cattle feed for good health
    thus the american public after 50 yrs of use got allergic to terramycin
    I really prefer aureomycin and 1 tsp per gallon
    for medicating

    to keep terramycin effective at all, you have to keep it in a dark cool place in tightly sealed jar like the frige This also after opening the pkg.

    heat, sun, air and moisture ruin it.
    So take note where feed stores have it placed. Is it in a hot [place or does the sun shine on it. Generally they place it in a well lighted place so you will see it and buy it.

    I personally would not eat any eggs when any medication is used for 10 days after coming off the medication

    DO NOT feed eggs back to chickens as they contain the terramycin, it prolongs the time you can't eat the eggs, for the medication not to be in the eggs

    Also I would the day that you take the chickens off medication start a probiotic course

    1 qt dry crumbles, 2 qts of buttermilk or sour milk
    to make the sour milk, take 2 tbsp applecider vinegar per gallon of milk
    1/2 cup yoguart
    first week feed 3 tbdsp per bird three times week, 2nd week feed twice a week, third and following weeks feed once a week
    and every day put 2 tbsp of apple cider vinegar in the drinking water when not using medications

    Glenda L Heywood

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    Puget Sound Baby!
    Great information!

    O.K. I have had my girls on yogurt since they finished their rx of Terramycin like you suggested. I will add buttermilk and the rest of your recipe because you sound like you really know what you are talking about!

    Here is my question: Are you suggesting that the chickens have apple cider vinegar in their water on a daily basis only after they take the rx or always? If it is only for a time after they have been medicated for how long do you add the a.c.v. to the water?

    Again, thanks for the very informative advice!


    P.S. I have seen on this forum suggestions of red cayenne pepper used as a natural wormer in chickens. What are your thoughts on this? Do you perhaps have a better natural remedy? (My hens aren't wormey...YET. I just wanted to be prepared.)
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    I never use antibiotics for anything other than injuries, though so far, I've never had anything respiratory here. My policy is to cull for that if or when it happens. You did touch on one thing that I have heard from Dr. Peter Brown, that when an owner decides to use Terramycin, he/she rarely uses it strong enough. And I seriously doubt they change the water twice a day, either, so all they are doing is creating resistance. In addition, they may be trying to fight a virus with an antibiotic, which is useless, as we know.
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    Apr 11, 2009
    Apple cider vinegar can and should be fed at rate of 2 tbsp per gallon daily at least three times a week or more
    It helps the chick absorb vit D and calcium for strong bones
    and yes the probiotic is valuable

    U agree that the terrmycin should be 2 tsp per gallon not more than 7-10 days and YES you need to make it new eveery 8 hrs
    it losses it effectiveness in 8 hrs
    Also store in tight brown jar in frig even when it is new
    it keeps its strength better
    any other questions please email me as I can't seem to find my posts on this board

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