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    Apr 11, 2009

    You say you are thinking of using terramycin for to treat colds in chickens well, here are my experienced thoughts:

    terramycin may help this time and 1 days is ite long enough to be effective
    are you using 1 or 2 tsp per gallon? Also teramycin is ineffective in 8 hrs so one needs to make it twice a day for good results. A week to 10 days should be sufficient. If not it isn't working and birds will get a cold again.

    DO NOT use terramycin as a prevenative. It only makes chickens resistant to its effectiveness. NEVER use any medication for preventive help to chickens.

    Also after putting in the water you need to make fresh terramycin water every 8 hrs
    It losses its effectiveness in 8 hrs.

    to keep terramycin effective at all, you have to keep it in a dark cool place in tightly sealed jar like the frige This also after opening the pkg.

    heat, sun, air and moisture ruin it.
    So take note where feed stores have it placed. Is it in a hot [place or does the sun shine on it. Generally they place it in a well lighted place so you will see it and buy it.

    I personally would not eat any eggs when any medication is used for 10 days after coming off the medication
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