using unhatched eggs taken from incubator


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Jul 24, 2011
This sounds like a bad idea, but I set 17 eggs, on first candling I realised that only 4 were developing. I took out most of the unfertilised eggs, and I am wondering if they would be ok to boil them and put them in the hen's / chick's feed? Disease is a worry, but it seems like such a waste.
one of the four has hatched (my first ever!) and two had cracked and leaked, I am waiting on the last one.
Crack them open. If they dont smell bad cook them up. I've done that before and all was well. Fed them to the chickens and the dogs.
Not exactly sure how long you had the bad eggs in the incubator before you took them out...If you took them out at day four, did you store them in a refrigerator? You state that you already have a hatch....have they been in the incubator for the duration of 21 days? If so, they would be very spoiled and would make your chickens sick including stink up your house if you tried cooking them. Not sure if they would explode while they were being boiled....
Thanks for the replies,
they came out of the incubator around day 5 at the first candling, and went straight into the fridge.
I have no sense of smell, so I wouldn't know if they smell bad... I'll get my wife to check for me. I bet she'll enjoy that.

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