Using what you have available...


11 Years
Apr 16, 2008
Rutherford County, NC
My wife and I went to Lowe's to pickup the components I needed for building an automatic watering system. I bought a 1" X 10' length of PVC pipe, but didn't have anything to keep it from rolling around in the truck. I didn't feel like walking across the parking lot to get some twine so I improvised.... I had a drag rope laying in the truck and ummm this other thing left over from hunting season.


My wife takes one look at my little moment of ingenuity and says.. "I gotta get a picture of this.."

I say use what ya got!

BTW the pipe didn't even wiggle on the way home....
I forgot to toss the leg out to the dogs. The rest of that deer is either in the freezer or already consumed.

Edited to add. I did mess with my wife one day last week. With all the snow she wanted to drive the truck to school sooooo I plugged a leg in each hole on the truck bed. She said she got some strange looks from other teachers. I think I saw a few similar looks tonight at Lowe's.
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