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Jan 4, 2010
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Okay so with my chickens I use a "clean it with antibiotics once then treat naturaly" basis I've been using onion grass to treat digestive irratations in my birds. I use Onion grass oil (home made) to clean the feet and found out today that I can use it to clean wounds. One of my hens has a large section of skin missing and I've been treating with blue cote (which will continue) I found a recipie for an OLD OLD OLD wound wash for birds: Take as much onion grass as you can hold in one hand. Twist an break it about al long as the fist two sections of your finger combined, Mix it in a shallow bowl untill at pieces are wet. Gather as much of the grass as you can and squeeze untill water drains and no more water will come out. Repeat untill grass had been milked to satifaction. remove as many strands of grass as possable. Take a handfull of yard clay and mix with the onion water. (the last step is optional, you do not have to mix with clay, you can wash with just the onion water) then let mixture set for about a minute. Rub clay onto area and let relax. Rense well I found this very effective. My hen had been dust bathing and had flicked dirt all into her gash. When I rensed the clay off the rest of the dirt came with it (I could not remove bathing dirt myself. I tried) Just wanted to she this with all of you green freaks

P.S I would not use this on fatail wounds. My birds wounds where all ready starting to heal and she has a hard protective but thin layer of skin covering the wound.
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I am reading actually I subscribed I'm trying to raise my chickens as naturally and organically as possible. I even make my own grains and put up the hay for their bedding. For making their grain I use a 1901 grain grinder that I have hooked up to my 8n tractor.

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