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    Thats how we got into our current place, which we LOVE. I used to show dogs, so our pups are very well trained. I will just have to try that again and hopefully it works out just as well!
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    I have 2 of those from Cynthia, and one is definitely a pullet and the other is a cockerel... he crowed today!! But he has had a VERY red comb for quite a while now, so if her comb is light, my bet is it's a pullet=) Sorry about losing more chickens... that would just make me crazy, too... so glad our yard is fenced!!

    Sphinx... I didn't say anything about your lav... so sorry about her... poor things!

    And kid... those double yolkers are fun, aren't they!!

    And now my chicken story.... So when I picked up that black bantam cochin pullet from Sundance when we were in UT week before last, she also gave me 2 chicks, another bantam cochin and one that looks to be a BO, younger, about a month old, and they were doing ok but didn't seem too happy just the 2 of them. So I called CAL Ranch to see if they had any chicks left and of course, they didn't, and I called my friend that I got some of my hens from this spring, because she had some hatch late, but they're all under broodies, but her neighbor also has chickens, so I called her and she said she had 3 about that age I could swipe from her (cheap too). So I went to pick them up and she says she hatched them from blue eggs, thinks they're araucaunas, but she also told me her rooster is an ameracauna, and he is clearly an EE (although still very pretty) One is black, one lavendar and one is blue. Not sure what they are, but they are cute!! So, if one of them turns out to be a roo, I won't need the black amer from Red, but we'll have to see what these turn out to be[​IMG] Maybe they are aracaunas, one of them doesn't have much of a tail, and one of them may have tufts, haha, silly chickens!!

    Also, that silly black bantam pullet has quite the personality!! I had her separate and she kept getting out to be with the other chickens, but she would fight with them, even the full-grown hens (she's about 3 months old)!! One night I thought I had lost her, because we were gone late and I went out after dark to lock everyone up, and she was up on top of the chicken wire underneath the eave of the coop, so I also had to clip her wings to keep her from flying out, sheesh!! I had to really lock her up and try introducing her slowly to the other birds, I want to call her Miss Tude (attitude), but the boys have named her Pecky, lol.... Need her to make friends with the birds going to my mom's place since that's where she's going to end up!

    School starts this week and my oldest is starting 1st grade, he's really nervous about it, we'll see how the week goes, still trying to finish my on-line class.. will be glad when this week is over and some of the hecticness is done!!
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    Cynthia, looks like your new girl is adapting great! So good to see you again, YOU are the sweet gal on here, love you to pieces!!

    Red, such bad news on missing chickens. Sheesh it has been awful, I hope you figure out what the heck is going on! Good to see you again too my friend, always happy to see your cute face!

    I came home to two doubles last night, woot! One was a giant torpedo like that last greenish one. i do not know how they carry those things around inside, it has got to be awful. Sure is fun to get them though. My "fatface" EE did it this time, she is laying great size eggs already I am super happy with that girl.

    We scored some nice windows at the Re-store yesterday, but we got carried away, there was a long narrow one we really liked but it does not fit. If any body needs a long narrow window pm me, it is white vinyl and looks to be new, a little dirty from the sitting in the yard, but in esc condition, no screen.

    Stopped at Ann ( moriahquilts) house with the rooster, wow her yard is cute cute and she has a HUGE open barn, about the size of Birdguy's only open on the ends, very nice! Did not get to see her, but she has some super sweet nieghbors for sure :)

    Mesha good luck with school, and those chickens, hope ya get lots of girls!
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    May 10, 2010
    Red, any news on the chicken front?

    Delarooshens, Sounds like those EE chicks you got will be fun egg layers when they grow up. You'll have to post pics when you get the chance. First grade is awesome- they get all day school. No more of the half day kindergarten nonsense.

    Lisa, glad you had a good time at the ReStore. I love that place.
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    Apr 11, 2010
    LOL..why did I never thing of that about a chicken when it laid the huge eggs? I always wondered how in the world they could pass an egg like that..but yeah! How in the world do they carry those things around!

    So, Shinx, you aren't sure about the lav. eggs being viable now? I hope they do ok. I have some tiny little bantam eggs, pullet eggs..and I mean tiny. So far, I've seen some development...pretty early still, so will see if they keep going. These will be lemon blues. The gal gave me a deal to try out the pullet size eggs.

    Hey Dalooras, good luck on your babies. Hope they can be happy together..all of those will be a little flock of their own now. And, you are a youngin! Your youngest is going into first grade. I remember those days. It's so hard on some of them. Even the bus ride for the first few times is scary. I usually took them to school a few times then let them catch the bus, with me right there of course. Oh those worried little eyes. Pulls on the heart strings for sure.
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    My girls just ganged up on the lowest hen in the group tonight.They took out a large piece of flesh from her head just above the eye. I cleaned her up a little but i think its to the bone. I put her in my grow out coop but i dont know what else to do. Any thoughts on this?
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    themadchicken, I've never had to deal with that sort of thing before, but I've heard really great things about bluecoat, or something like that. I guess it seals off the wound and the other chickens won't pick at it. They see that red and they'll continue to pick at it if they can see the poor girl. I hope she heals ok.

    Cynthia, I'm not sure- they are definitely alive and wiggling around. However, they look more like 18-19 day eggs when I candle, instead of 14 day eggs (they're 15 days today, but I haven't candled today). It's like they've already run out of room- completely dark except the air sac, which seems appropriate for age. When I've searched out pullet eggs, the general consensus is that they do fine. I do worry about these guys being half BCM though- that's such a huge chick. Maybe they'll hatch early!
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    Themadchicken, I have been told that chickens can go savage on each other like that if there isn't enough water around. With how hot this year has been, maybe your girls ran low on water faster than normal? It's the only thing I can think of, unless that chicken somehow banged her head and got a cut.

    Sphinx, no news yet. About the best I can say is that the little EE chick I got from Cynthia seems like she's starting to get to know me. She can be really jumpy when you go to touch her, but I spent a few minutes with her tonight until she let me pet her to calm her down. So far, so good [​IMG] I am still seriously considering finding a friend for her, though. She seems lonely.
  9. La Casa de Pollo

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    madchicken, I had a bantam that got beatup by my super mean EE last year. That is how I learned about BYC I was on here trying to sell my EE....I slathered neosporin all over the open wound, took a few days with her in the garage, put her back out and the same EE slashed open a much bigger wound and she nearly died. She was so stressed out she eventually got egg bound and we had to put her down....I got rid of the mean EE, which went to another home and actually was the low man on the totem pole and she settled down. Just letting you know this, because you may want to watch the one that did it, be sure she did not get a taste of her victim and decide to do it again. I have no idea why mine started fighting, I just think mine got an attitude and once the bantam played victim and started being scared the situation just escalated. Neosporin does help, and the wound healed lightning fast, it scabbed in maybe two days and to my surprise the scab fell off and was completely new skin in about a week. It was a two inch long tear on the back of her head and neck, and there was stuff hanging out, it was amazing how she healed up (physically anyway). Poor baby.
    I have heard you can spray "bitters" from petsmart on the wound also, ( a spray for dogs to stop chewing furniture) to make it taste super awful then it will deter the others from picking. I have also seen people on here that use tea tree oil. Never tried it myself though.

    I hope yours don't fight anymore, it is heartbreaking.
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    Red glad to hear your newbie is coming around. :) Sphinx, I am glad you told us about the re-store, it was a good tip for sure.
    I actually got some housework done for once today,. I was not on here all day goofing around, like usual. I found this one, here, it completely fits my naughty BYC habit:

    Ohhhh but it is soooooo fun ;)

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