Vacation** Question about chickens*******

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12 Years
May 26, 2007
We will be on vacation for a week. The weather will probably still be consistent in the 50's but at least not freezing temps. (NJ).

(but then again who knows with this crazy weather)-LOL

anyway, the chicken coop "house" (all closed up, draft free and dry) is 10X8 and the secure run (very secure) is 10X10....(this is covered with plastic, from our winter...was going to pull off the plastic before we went away).

There are 10 hens and one Roo.

They will all be locked up in this space for one week with plenty of food and water. Automatic waterer also.

I have someone to check on them every couple of days or so.......

My question is........
In your opinion do you think they'd be fine, as in not kill one another because they are used to open ranging on about 1400 square feet of property. And will now be shut in to 180 square feet???

Your chickens probably won't be happy about not having room to roam, but it sounds as though you have met their needs for food, water and shelter. You might want to hang some chicken toys (food that they have to jump to reach for) in the coop and run area or have your caretaker do it when checking on the birds. In the event that there is a problem, your caretaker should be able to handle it (or at least have your cell phone number on speed dial so that you can offer a solution!) Enjoy your trip!!
I think they will be fine. I do the same thing when I go out of town, lots of water, lots of food, no freeranging.

If you have one large waterer for them, you should put out a second back up waterer, just in case something happens to the "main" waterer. They could deal with being out of food, but no water would be deadly.

Also, you could occasionally, randomly, not let them out to freerange for the day here and there before you leave. This might get them to not think it is an automatic thing, going out to range, plus, you can see how they handle it.

But I think they will have plenty of space and do fine.

Maybe a nice bale of hay tossed in the run will give them something to pick at and dig through while you are gone?
I left mine locked up once. They were fine. If they have food and water and some one to look after them, I wouldn't worry.
I would consider increasing checks on them to at least daily, if you can. Murphy's Law is alive and well and if anyone is going to be sick or injured and need speedy help it will always be when one is away! (at least that's my "luck" and hence when I am away [rare rare rare!] I have twice daily checks on my furry and feathered kids - with water changes, treats, depooping etc.)
Hope all goes well!
I live in NJ and just got back from a 10 day trip. I had someone check my chickens once during that time and all went fine. When I got back, they still had food and water left. I immediately let them out to freerange and they were as happy as can be. Have a great trip!!

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