Vaccinations Questions


9 Years
Jun 10, 2013
I got 3 bantams last moth along with a Speckled Sussex and a Welsummer. The bantams went vaccinated but the standards where for Mareks. Should I be concerned bout the bantams? The standards are for my friend. The bantams are my first flock. When they fire up, any needed vaccination? Nobody in my area that I know if has poultry.
I h avent vaccinated my chicks either but its a good ideaI guess. I have a small flock and am fond of some but not enough and i have too many to take them in to the vet and i am freaked to give shots .Im sure plenty of poulltry dont have shots either Im not up o n chicken diseases but you do have to keep in mind that wild birds can also carry some of the chicken diseases.If your run is covered where wild bird poo cant get in i myself wouldnt be overly concerned.
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