Valbezan vs Ivermectin wormer......I could use some advise.


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Jul 6, 2010
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I've noticed a couple of hens that have died in my flock that are extremely thin. I'm suspecting worms but have not been able to see any. I have not seen any when I've checked the digestive tract when I've done necropsies. (I don't have the funds for a professional necropsy). Well I think I should treat my flock for worms but the only one I have is Wazine. You can't use the eggs for 2 weeks after treatment. I also have sheep and use Ivermectin for them but I've never used it on the hens. I've also found that Valbezan is a good broad spectrum wormer. I guess my questions would be...

Is there a waiting period to use the eggs after using either of these wormers?

Which one would be better to use?

Any information would be great.
Wazine only treats roundworms. Each person likes different products. I used
Durvet Ivermectin Paste 1.87%, 6.08 g for my chickens. It was a pain in the butt to give it to them, but it worked well for me. I think it is just personal preference to be honest. I have not used Valbezan so I cant give ya any info on it. But I have heard good things about it. Hope this helps. Im not sure about the waiting times, as my hens quit laying about a month ago, but I know you have to re-worm them in about 10 days after the first worming. Someone else might be able to tell ya what waiting times you are looking at.
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I have used them both for a really hard case of worms. I did use the Wazine first then hit with the Valbazene after the waiting period from the Wazine. Then redosed with Valbazene again in 10 days. I tried the Ivermectin a year ago, and really saw no difference. The Valbazene did work good, but because i had it in the soil in the run I kept getting them over and over. A vicious cycle. I had lost a few hens that got really thin and looked generally unhappy and did not know why. No one else got sick, etc. I did finally treat with Zimectin Gold for a worm i never knew I had and my flock did a total 180 within days. One is for roundworms, one is for tapeworms. Have you seen any in their feces? I saw the little buggers in their poop on the ground when i followed the girls around until the 'dropped one' for me.

I felt really bad because i thought the round worms were just undigested seed. they looked like broken up unshelled BOSS.

Here is a tapeworm segment.

Tapeworm segments

Roundworm eggs.

No, don't appologize, I thank you for the pics and information. I'm going to follow a few around and see what I can see. Thanks for the link also. I'm going to look at it now.

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