Veins but no embryo?


May 16, 2015
Western NC
So, we've had a lot of bad luck, lately. Two of my sweet hens left me with an egg a piece as their farewell gifts, so I decided to incubate them in hopes of getting two just like them.

Well, I was over the moon when I saw tiny veins appear on day 3! However, here we are on day 7, and I can't make out an embryo in one of the eggs! The veining looks great and continues to grow, but I don't think I see a chick.

Is this like chicken blighted ovum? How are the veins sustaining without a heartbeat? Should I not see the chick by now? I can see a chick in the other egg.
Honestly, it takes the right egg shell and extreme lumen lighting in a dark room to see it all. Other than veins there is not much most of us "see" until day 10 and up. If you see veins it's alive and well until then.

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