Vent: Complete and total lack of respect towards teachers on here

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I know I'm going to upset a lot of people and I'm going to do it anyway, at least until the post gets locked.
I am sick and tired of going onto a thread to read a cute story and find it turning into a teacher-bashing frenzy. Everyone has to start coming up with "Bad Teacher", "Ignorant Teacher", "Mean Teacher", stories and I am sick to death of it. I read posts on here constantly about "I'ze homschuling mi youn'gins", yes that is being sarcastic, but when a person can't spell, organize a sentence, or use proper English, then they have no business attacking teachers and bragging about how they are home schooling their children!

I haven't seen any threads attacking auto workers, let's do that! For crying out loud we are driving cars put together by Bubba the Drunk,,, do you feel safe? Maybe you should build your own car at home??
The above is an example and not the opinion of the OP by the way.

I just don't see why so many people on this forum feel the need to turn everything into anti-teacher, anti-schooling, rants. We know you home school, and you don't like public schools, but you just don't need to include it in everything you post.

Teachers work very hard to try and educate your children, the ones who come to school hungry, the ones who come to school with no homework because you couldn't take the time to help them, the ones who come to school with no supplies because you couldn't take the money away from your beer, cigs, or Jack Daniels to purchase paper and pencils. We spend more money on supplies for your children than we do our own, yet you have the unmitigated gall to attack me? How about suck it up and get an education yourself before you attack a teacher again.

I am aware of the fact that not all on here feel this way about teachers, but when I get email after email from the teachers on here asking why we are attacked so much I feel the need to make a statement. I've stopped inviting my fellow teachers to this site; it's embarrassing to have them read how little we are appreciated but how much we are bashed.

I understand your feelings. Cops get bashed alot too. I just do my best to ignore it.
Well, IMO, Yes, alot of teachers went through alot of schooling for theis job and they do know what they are doing and/or getting into. But after a few years with either screaming toddlers or arrogant teenagers im sure that quite a few teachers go looney.

My english teacher in tenth grade, about two months beforte school was out , started goin on a rampage of " Oh, yeah, you all think Im crazy, CRAZY MRS. ****** , but Im not. Im not phyco, although alot of you think I should be in a loony bin. Im not crazy, you all just think im crazy, but im not. "


Then my Biology. Geometry teacher.

He teachers 9th - 12th grade and he made the class fun - but was unfair.

I got pegged in the head with a peanut M&M . When I told him he asked if I knew who it was. I told him it was One of the guy classmates in the class. He asked if I had aleast two witnesses. I had one - and everyone else in the class who had seen it were too busy laughing as he told me to stop disturbing his class! I was outraged. I even had a bruise on my forhead for THREE DAYS! But I got the office referal for "disturbing th peace"

Then My Physchology - I dnt even want to go there.

So , IMO, alot of teachers are blamed because the parents think their kids are incapable of being horendous(SP?) . But then the other half are teachers who are stuck in a classroom all day with disrespectful and speculatively stupid kids - well they just crack from stupidity overload.
I think most teachers try very hard and are wonderful people. I don't have children, but I boarded a horse for an elementary school teacher. Maybe she was just frustrated but she vented to me about how dumb some of her students were, how bad some of them smelled, etc... and sometimes it came across to me as mean. None of us are saints and have strong tendencies to talk about one another when we feel we can safely do it and get away with it. You have an extremely important job and your kindness and compassion comes through readily on your posts.
If it makes you feel better, I feel bad for you Writer.
I want to be a math teacher, and everyone looks at me like a nasty drug addict when I say it. I don't get what happened. On the other hand, I have a Lot of Stupid teachers who either don't know how to teach or don't know their material which makes no sense at all. It makes me greater appreciate my Educated teachers.
Teachers should be more appreciated because if you think about it, they are respoonsible for providing a properly-educated generation. They do a lot and put up with a lot more $#!& than most workers.
That's just my humble opition.
**As for why cops get bashed a lot, its because they have a reputation for being either stupid and/or using excessive force without need. Also, many cops "bend" the laws they uphold. NOT ALL, some do a great job protecting people and just do their job, but to many it's just a power trip. **
Just like in any other profession there are good and bad teachers. My kids had some of both, but more good than bad. Unfortunately my firstborn had one of the bad ones as his first grade teacher and it colored how he felt about school...and himself to this day and he's 33 years old. I look back and kick myself because I didn't step in and do anything to stop it. Had he not been my first child in school I would have handled things much, much differently. When a teacher or anyone in authority is telling a 7 year old that he's dumb and stupid...which I didn't find out that until after that school year was over.... it crushes them. I am not one of those my kids can do no wrong parents. My kids knew if they got in trouble at school, they'd be in trouble at home too. I did make sure however that none of my other kids ever had to have that poor example of a teacher. That is my issue with giving teachers tenure.....what other job can you get that by surviving the first 2 years of employment by doing a fairly decent job you are next to impossible to fire?
I always try to teach my children that teachers are people too. They have the same problems in life that the rest of us do. Some are great....some not so much. Some really care about the children and the job.....some just show up for the paycheck. (a little paycheck). But all are people and no one is perfect.
I think that the same applies on here. There are many teachers who know very little about chickens but most people don't know very much about chickens. What is kinda sad (and I think I read the same post today that set you off) is when teachers are hatching in their classrooms and have not taken the time to learn the lesson themselves. Also, some teachers do argue with kids about things they don't really know about. But so do many others in this world.
Like I said, teachers are people too.
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People like to take the worst examples of something and use it to stereotype the whole group.

Maybe it's so that they can feel better about themselves and their life choices. "I'm so glad my job is [insert job] and not [insert job]."
Some teachers are hard working and sacrifice their own home life for the school - and others are just plain ignorant when they try to teach. Some just dont understand that you have to find peace with the students - else your in for one roller coast ride.
The same can be said for anyone in a position of authority, not just law enforcement. I will now leave this discussion so as not to hijack Writer's thread, because she has a valid complaint.
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