Vent Gleet is just not going!

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    Nov 4, 2015
    Hi, my Buff Orpington hen just began laying two months ago and lays almost everyday, which is great. But the day she laid her very first egg her vent feathers because sticky and dirty and the smell was intolerable. We figured it was vent gleet so isolated her, put ACV in her water, gave her a diet of mashed feed and yoghurt, and daily soakings in epsom salt and returned her to her flock five days later. A week on and she has it so we repeat the treatment. It works temporarily but she has a dirty vent again! We even trimmed the feathers but the vent gleet, or whatever it is, keeps on returning. She is otherwise in perfect health, she was recently wormed, checked for mites, we give them a varied diet, we have no idea what is wrong. Is vent gleet usually so persistent? It looks awful and we love these hens so much.

    And then, my other Orpington hen has laid her first egg yesterday, she now she has a messy vent too!

    Any ideas?

    (Also, their vents are not swollen or red, they are not crusted with white and their skin is perfectly healthy looking as well, just the feathers are disgusting.)

    Thank you!
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