Vent Gleet or Eggbound??

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    So I thought my hen had vent gleet. Nasty chicken butt. I brought her into the cool part of our basement, gave her a warm bath and cleaned her up. Treating it as vent gleet with ACV water concentrated, etc. This morning I woke to two eggs in the crate with her - one without a shell. She had just finished her molt and figured she would be laying soon- but now I am thinking she has had this egg without a shell stuck...... She was acting normal, eating, drinking, etc........ so my question is: would a stuck egg without a shell cause her to make a poopy mess on her fluff? She didn't smell too bad when bathing, just dirty really. When I finished washing her, I did notice she was pulsating a bit in the vent, like maybe she was pushing? I figured she may lay soon- but really did not expect this surprise.... thoughts? Please!
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    You should probably give her some calcium ASAP. I use calcium glunconate or the human pills.



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