Vent Prolapse?


7 Years
Apr 13, 2017
I just discovered this on my hen (1 year old, White Leghorn), it's protruding about 1/4 inch, and it appears yellow at the end. I think it might be a prolapsed vent and I'm not sure what to do. I cut some of the fluff around the area and I'm trying to clean all the poop/dirt off. What should I do?
I would add a photo but it's not working. Also, she's still pooping a small amount.
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To post a photo to BYC, click below on "Upload a file". It will open the files on your computer. Select the file where you have your photos and click "Open". That transfers the photo to this thread. Then select the size you want. I usually select "full size image" for the best detail.
I know how to upload, but it wasn't working on my phone. My internet was down but now that it is back up I can use the computer. Here is the picture (I've cleaned it up some since then):
Soak her rear in warm Epsom salt water. Clean all the gunk off, and post another photo of her vent. It appears she could be suffering from a bacterial infection in her reproductive track. An oral antibiotic may be in order.

The soak will help the vent return to normal, and you may wish to use a little Prep H on it to shrink the tissue after you gently push the cleaned vent back up where it belongs.
Okay thank you. What antibiotic can I use? I've been searching online for them and I can't find any oral antibiotics at TSC or Fleet Farm. Would injectable work or should I order online
So if I got the injectable penicillin, I would have to inject it, correct? Or if I ordered from the site you linked, I can use the antibiotics even though it says they're for fish?
Here is a picture after bath:

And after pushing it back in & Prep H:
So the prolapse came out a few more times. I pushed it in again, and when it came back out the last time, a small (diameter of a dime) white ball came out. I believe it is a lash egg. So that's the yellow stuff I had been seeing at the end of the prolapse. Hopefully now that the lash egg is out the "insides" will stay inside. Though I may still have to give her antibiotics because I've read lash egg could be caused by infection.
A "lash egg" is really chicken pus which is firm and waxy. Yes, your hen likely has a reproductive track infection. It can be caused when bacteria, such as E.coli, gets into the cloaca and works its way up the track. If it's early in the infection, there's a chance it can be cured, and a lesser chance that the hen will be able to continue to lay.

Fish antibiotics are what a great number of us use for our chickens, and they work just fine. I use the 250mg amoxicillin, giving one capsule daily for ten days. You can use injectible penicillin. You inject it into the breast muscle. I haven't used it so someone else will need to tell you how to calculate the dosage.

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