Vent Sexing


Meadow Devil
11 Years
Sep 22, 2012
The problem with trying to vent sex newly hatched chicks is that their umbilical region is very delicate and will quite often not be totally closed until a few days after hatching. And even just closed it can be easily burst open when applying pressure to the abdomen.

Anyway, as all the sexing attempts in the world will not change the chicks sex, I do not see any need to put the chicks health at risk.

There are other ways to determine their sex, but they will require patience, observation and experience regarding their gender specific behaviour and appearance.
Even the sexing specialists employed by big hatcheries make mistakes, so it is not always accurate nor safe.

Additionally one should keep in mind that big hatcheries hatching thousands of chicks every day will easily get over the loss of a certain percentage of chicks injured by this method, while a private person and even more so as a beginner, might not so easily overcome the loss of some long desired chicks when discovering that the (preventable) death was inflicted by their own hands.
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