Ventilation for duck barn ?

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    May 24, 2011
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    Ok, we're well under way on the barn for the ducks now.. with the roof attached we have a gap both at the front and the back, not on the sides the plywood will cover straight to the roof.. now the question is how to deal with this gap. I am wondering if hardware cloth should be used instead of sealing these off to allow for ventilation, however my other half says it will make the barn cold in the winter? We're in Canada so long, cold winters are definitely a realistic concern. The coop has 3 windows in total.. all of which will open..

    Here is a picture of what i am speaking of, put an arrow where the gap is there is an identical one at the front of the barn to..


    This is a picture standing where the main door and 'duck' door will be this wall isn't started as we need to get a door lol and the sides are not completed but windows have been bought, you can see them on the floor.. the back window still needs to be trimmed and obviously hardware cloth added behind it.. these are all old glass/wood windows purchased from antique stores, you can see the gapping i am speaking about at the roof to.


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