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Hi, I have a question regarding ventilation holes. I built this cooler incubator myself and now I am getting ready to lockdown eggs. I have pictured the ventilation holes I have, and there is one that is not pictured. Its the plug that these coolers usually have to drain water. All the holes have been open the entire time, and now I am wondering if I should add or increase the existing holes.
I have researched, and there doesn't seem to be a clear answer. Yes it says ventilate bc they need oxygen and to expel (carbon ??? Can't think of it now)
However how much ventilation is enough? How much is too much?( maybe there is never too much as long as temps and humidity are correct)
Just wanted to ask before lockdown tommorow so I can make the changes if needed.
Don't know if it matters, probably doesn't, however I am incubating cortinux quail right now and have polish eggs on the way. Hopefully these guys are done then I can clean and start again!!
Any advice greatly

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Nov 7, 2012
Looks good to me. I've also wondered if there are any published guidelines. Wish there were, but then, we know that they would be wrong, and subject to much debate. So we're left stabbing in the dark! I use the highly scientific method of ventilating my styrofoam home made bator with a pencil! Just poke a new hole where ever I want one, and if I don't like it, I cover it with packing tape! Consider this: broody hen never has to worry about ventilation. She maintains temp and humidity, and all is well! So, IMO more is better as long as you are able to maintain T and H. Sounds like you're seriously infected with the hatching bug. I wish you the best!

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