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    I was told/taught today that you can see how well a chicken lays eggs by checking the "VENT" or "Venting". The guy said he was taught in FFA how to measure the vent by placing your finger back on the rear of the chicken where the eggs comes out and depending on how many fingers it takes to cover the vent then that determines how well the chicken lays... for example if only two fingers then not so good layer... but three to five fingers and you have one great layer... Can anyone verifiy or explain to me if this is correct or not.

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    Davaroo has a great way of explaining the technique...if he doesn't post, you could search BYC for "egg laying readiness" or words to that effect and see what threads come up. It's in a few posts that I've read on here recently. HTH!!

    I think I found it...

    Just scroll down three or four posts! [​IMG]
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