Venus flytrap (Dionaea muscipula)

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Anyone keep these? Was looking for info on how to keep them over winter. Mine still seems to be growing, new traps are still emerging. It is still catching flies. Lives in my kitchen window in full sunlight in a constant tray of rain water only. Any information much appreciated, thank you.
I’m guessing it was pretty young when I got it because it only had a handful of traps. I bought it from the garden centre in about May. It has been pretty easy to keep so far. Full sun, rain water only, bog like conditions & I remove dead traps with tweezers. No I don’t mist it.
I’ve read some on winter keeping & they say to put in garage or greenhouse but our garage still stays pretty warm in there.
I kept one for years, it lived in my kitchen window also! Sadly, I killed it by fertilizing it...they do best in horrible soils...something I didn't realize until after the fact...

In winter, I don't remember doing anything special for it except cutting back on the water, as you would with any houseplant.
It’s still growing new traps :idunno


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