Very handy material for making "poop boards"

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    In many towns, those commercial plastic signs on heavy wire supports are totally illegal. They're considered litter, and those that repeatedly place them on town right-of-ways can be heavily fined. That's true where I am. So ... during my neighborhood clean-up of general trash , myself and others, have accumulated quite a few of these signs - in all different sizes and colors. The wire supports are easily removed, and can be used for other handy purposes - or recycled.

    I've discovered that they make great easy-to-cut, lightweight, durable, and washable poop boards !
    I simply used a couple 2x1's, and fit them into braces, going across the coop at one end, and below the roost poles.

    They're easy to remove, even when "loaded". I simply scrape them off into the mulch pile, hose 'em down, and put them back up. Easy !

    And they form a good light blocking "ceiling" for the nest box level under them.

    I've also used some around the outside of the coop to keep bedding inside, and block drafts. All purpose, while helping the roads to look better, and the price is definitely right !

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    Corrugated plastic is a cool material. but beware of bugs living inside the corrrugation spaces.....unless the open sides are sealed.

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