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I have a 7 week old peachick that one of my hens hatched . She has always been with Chicken Mama and was introduced to the rest of the flock of chickens 3 days ago. They free range in the day and are locked up at night. I noticed that the chick had a drooping wing yesterday, but I couldn't catch it to investigate the issue. The chick didn't show up at the coop to get locked up last night. It was out this morning and I spent some time with a net and finally caught it.

Its wing is badly injured. I couldn't really see exactly what the issue was because as soon as I started to mess with the wing it escaped my grasp and ran away. It is hiding in some brush right now and I will go try to catch it again, but for now, what I noticed is there is bone exposed. Looks to be the humerus. It is completely dislocated from the lower wing bones. I didn't notice any other injury or swelling, but the feathers around the injury are matted with dried blood.

What do I do when I catch the little booger? Is it worth trying to save it? Do I try to find a vet?

Thanks in advance.
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photos would be very helpful.
I would take it to the vet. If necessary the wing can be amputated and you'll have a flightless pea, which most people have to clip feathers every couple of weeks to obtain. If not cared for the poor baby could end up with maggots, so it needs to be tended, either by you or a vet.
This is a chicken chick that had a severe wing injury, I just cut it's wing off. I'm not suggesting that you do that, just wanted you to know what an option might be.

Here is a picture I took today. I n the first picture you can ss that the bone is still sticking out, but I don't know what I can do about that.


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