very large crops on my chicks


Apr 1, 2015
Central Virginia
I wouldn't go so far as to say they are impacted yet. The girls are still acting perfectly normal but some of these crops are so big they are going to have to go bra shopping soon!
I have 5 dorking chicks about 4-5 weeks old. I noticed last week a few were a little lopsided in the breast area. I thought it was just their feathers coming in. I finally got my hands on some (they are a little skittish) and they have really huge crops! They are eating chick starter. They've had a worm or two. Most everything else I've tried to feed them they won't eat.
I took the feeder out to see if the crops reduce today. They have fresh water. Poops are big and firm. Can I give them some chick grit to help pass the mass or would that do more harm than good? Is there something else I can do to prevent this progressing into an impaction situation?
it may also be a sour crop or pendulous crop. If their breath smells really bad and the crop feels like a water balloon, it would be a sour most likely. Sour crop is where it gets blocked and then starts to ferment. If i is huge and swings when they walk, i could be pendulous. I would look them up and check. impacted crops usually feel really hard, and are not able to squish.
They have been pretty big for the last couple weeks. I'm just going on looks, it's been hard to get my hands on them. They have access to food 24/7 and they eat a lot. It doesn't seem to change morning or evening.
Most of the crops are feeling better. I am giving them chick grit and added electrolytes back to their water at half strength. I removed it due to some runny poops.
One of the crops however feels liked it's full of air. I feel gritty stuff like food and grit but it's like airy too. Any thoughts ? I don't know what this means, if anything.

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