Very nervous June hatchings


5 Years
May 15, 2017
So my ducklings are going to hatch soon it's day 23 today. I am so nervous. I keep candling and so far everything is going well . I have there brooder set up and everything is going great. I have 17 duck pure breed mystery hatching eggs from eBay and they were all fertile and no loss which I'm shocked at, maybe it's because of the incubator I have no idea I have a incuview incubator and it has worked out well for me. I can't wait to see what sort of breed of ducks I have as you can tell in the photo all the eggs are different sizes and colors. I will give updates and photos on how they look when they will hatch any tips would be greatly appreciated.


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I have never hatched ducks . How exciting ! I guess my tip would be to stop candling. LOL They are in lock down ? You dont want to lose the humidity. I hope everyone of them hatch for you !
awesome I agree with granny, just let them do their thing. Are all the eggs duck eggs? Some look much larger than others... maybe some are call duck eggs?
Yeah there pure breed mystery duck eggs so I'm waiting to see what they are going to be. I can't wait:wee

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