Very Sick 5 Year Old Tom


Jan 26, 2021
Hello Everyone!

I must say there is a lot of useful information here. I am hoping someone can double-check me to see if I am on the right path.

I have a 5-year-old Royal Palm tom. He has never been sick before. He is currently very sick. I am about positive it is blackhead. I have been treating him with Flagyl and keeping probiotics and vitamins in his water. He seemed to be doing better after day 3 on the medication, but today (day 4), he appears to be worse. He is consuming substantial quantities of water. Now instead of foamy mustard-colored poo, it is watery with dark green in it. I can not get him to eat. He has lost quite a bit of weight this week. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

I admit I am behind on my winter worming. I use Valbazen and do have chickens also. The neighbors have guineas that also come around often.

Also, there are no poultry/avian vets in my area. All local vets will absolutely not prescribe any medication outside of the guidelines for meat birds, meat birds, or not. The recommendation I get is to cull the bird and move on.

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