Very sick hen! Please help!!

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    One of my hens didn't look well Thursday so I brought her inside. Friday she was vomiting brown stuff so I assume she had sour crop? She was vomiting so much she couldn't breathe. Once that calmed down it felt as though her crop was empty. I syringe fed her nystatin (human form) and she tolerated it well. Vomiting stopped and she slept most of the day. She also took water from a syringe throughout the day. Last night she was drinking on her own and even ate a little wet cat food. Seemed to be turning a corner. This morning she is back to the vomiting again. What should I do? There aren't any vets around her that she chickens.
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    Don't feed her any solid food today, including cat food or chicken feed. No whole grains until her crop is back to normal. Push fluids rather than food. Only give water with electrolytes and vitamins, plain yogurt, raw egg or mix it with yogurt, and massage the crop several times a day. Here are some good articles about crop problems:
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