very sick newborn...WHAT TO DO????


15 Years
Jun 7, 2008
i had a lady amherst hatch about 3 hours ago it took it ALL NIGHT and all morning to hatch. i dont think it has walked the whole time it has made itself out and it has been twitching its head as if it was having a seizure now what am i to do?????
I'm sorry to be of no help since I haven't hatched my own chicks.

I hope this bump will get you an expert to advise you. Until then, I'm thinking of you and wishing you and your new chick the best!
I guess I am posting to you b/c you haven't gotten many replies, and I have no experience with hatching, BUT I lurk a lot.
I know I have read people mentioning using the poly-vi-sol baby vitamin drops (without iron), b/c some of these things can be a vitamin deficiency.
also sugar water in a dropper can be helpful.
I KNOW there is someone here who can be of real help to you..
Best of luck!!
IDK myself but I am wishing you and your little chickie all my best, and this comes to you with
The PolyViSol no iron vitamins and sugar water sounds like a good start to me!!!
I'm really not experienced with chicks; we just had our first hatch. Our chicks, especially the later ones, took a long time to hatch. What I read was that most chicks can hatch within 24 hours. Ours were within that time-frame. They didn't walk too well either, just kind of got around any way they could until they got stronger.
Is it in a brooder? Is it fluffed out yet? Is it peeping? Ours really slept a lot during the first few hours. You could offer it water and see how it responds. Are there any other chicks that you can put in with it? I'm sorry, but I really don't have anything concrete. I've had no experience with sick chicks. For ours, I had to teach to first two how to drink by dipping my finger in the water and letting the chick drink the droplet off the tip of my finger. Oh, and what's the temperature in where the chick is? I'm praying for your little one!

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