Very timid, almost "loner" SFH

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Potato Chicken

Mar 23, 2015
So my Swedish Flower Hen is beautiful, but she is quite timid. When all the other chickens (3 of them, a black australorp, barred rock, and a speckled sussex) will jump on my lap and I pet them, Ingrid, the SFH will simply stay on the ground. If they roost in their coop, she will sit on the floor. In fact, I have never seen her roost. Please note that all the chickens are only about 2.5 months old, and Ingrid's sex is not guaranteed since she is a rarer breed, so she may be a rooster. She doesn't particularly like me, but if I chase and grab her, she won't resist petting. Also, she has a deeper, more "cluck" than "peep" sound than the other chickens. Is this rooster-esque behavior, or is it to be expected with this breed, or what? Any insight is appreciated, thanks!

P.S. Her legs aren't too thick and her feathers are rounded. She doesn't have much of a tail, and she definitely does not have the talons on the back of her legs that roosters tend to have. I'm fairly sure she's not a rooster but I'm a complete newbie so someone on this forum probably knows more about sexing than me.

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