Vet says that vent gleet isn't common?


8 Years
Apr 7, 2015
Renton, Washington
After cleaning off my white leghorns muddy butt feathers, I noticed some white stuff stuck to her butt and a milky discharge coming from her vent. There was also a very permeable smell... I don't know if that smell came from her butt or somewhere else on her though, but she's the only one with the smell and the white butt.

Those are her only symptoms that I have noticed. She lays just fine is active and alert. The only thing online I found that it could be is vent gleet, nothing else goes into depth with these kinds of symptoms. When I called my vet to ask what the treatment he recommended for vent gleet, he said that vent gleet wasn't very common and it was probably some other problem with her urates (which when I googled that it talked about gout but gout comes with other symptoms) or her liver.

I was thinking of trying the Epsom salt treatment which is going to be difficult because she's very hard to catch...

What do you guys think?
Start with the epsom salts bath and give her some good probiotics, plain yogurt should help, and might want to look online for Medistatin...

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