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morning all, im in southern in. and far as ican tell my chickens have crd. treatment is tylan or gallimycin. the problem im having is I cant find a vet to treat chickens local and i guess i need a script for the meds. i dont know what to do. wonder if i should put whole flock down, it would break my heart. i have new babies coming in a few days. ( dont count ur chicks before they hatch) and they will probably be infected too. my flock is about 45 all together, including my guineas. does anyone know if this affects guineas? all info would be helpful thank u
You do not need a prescription for these medications. Try looking at a local farm supply store (like Tractor Supply). You should be able to find either Tylan or Gallimycin (or something similar to Gallimycin, like Terramycin or Duramycin).

Also, what makes you think that it is CRD? What are the bird's symptoms? Many respiratory diseases look similar, so you may be dealing with something different. Antibiotics will treat bacterial diseases like CRD, but won't work for viruses. So, if you've mis-dagnosed, you may not see improvement even if using antibiotics.

As far as I know, CRD and other respiratory diseases can affect all types of poultry, including Guineas. However, I'm not sure on this.

If your flock has CRD (or another respiratory disease--most respiratory diseases cause chickens to be carriers)and you introduce new birds, the new birds will likely get the disease too. They might not show symptoms, but if the other birds are carriers, I think that they will become carriers too.

Keep your birds' immune systems strong by giving some electrolytes and probiotics. See if you can give them some nutritious foods, too, like scrambled egg, yogurt, and applesauce. Just remember to not give dairy products while giving antibiotics.

Hope this helps! Sorry your flock is sick!
i appreciate the links but cant buy online without a credit card. symptoms, bubbles in eyes, sneezing, discharge eyes and nose, eyes stuck shut and swelling. little cough. my birds were all very healthy until i went to swap in milton ky. 2 weeks later two hens sick, now about 6 of them getting it too
I'm assuming you guys are the same in the states but over here we have something called a debit card. Its just a regular eftpos card so has no credit but what it does have is a long card number and an expiry date on the card. These can be used online just like a credit card but if someone steals your card details all they get is whatever is in the cards account. They can't run up money that isn't there. Because of the expiry date they are accepted everywhere that asks for a credit card.

We opened an account with a debit card attached to it and it is used only for online or phone purchases that require a credit card. The account never has money in it until we want to buy something then we just transfer the required amount into the account and then make the purchase with the debit card.

Nice safe way to buy stuff online without having a credit card.

Good luck!
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mybantems are my babies, they get anything i think they will like including yogurt but i havent tried any probiotics. i have tried antibiotic eye med and the yellow stuff u put in the water. my tractor supply said they dont do antibiotics anymore. i love hatching and raising but if i cant do that anymore im not sure i want to keep them and i have just got my flock the way i wanted. they are beautiful
im sure we have the same thing here and i didnt even think about it. i dont have a debit card at my bank but i guess i could go get one huh? silly me. just learning computer at 50 yrs. u know the older u are the slower my brain responds.haha

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