Video demonstrating 4 week old chick using panic doors to interact with hens


May 12, 2018
Central Virginia
Tossed an extra corn in the cob in the run this evening and who decided to be brave and take a go for it but my Austra White pullet “Romeo”.

this is my third generation with this method and I wouldn’t change a thing. The integration is completely stress free, once I’ve confirmed the chicks use the ramp to their side of the coop.

Folks have had success with this method. I have seen much bigger (wider, not taller) versions and others recommend obstacles / corner blockers etc. I haven’t had an issue there but they do have a lot of pluses.
These chicks have been doing this each day, 24-7, for a week and a half now, and another 5 days till they are with hens full time as a new batch of day old chicks arrives.


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Jul 3, 2016
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My Coop
So cute!

I'm not yet ready to start allowing extended interaction between my chicks and hens, but while I was setting up a temporary mini run for the chicks to use, the chicks (10 days old) wandered off and slipped under the chain link fence separating them from where the hens were. One of the hens approached, squawking, and the chicks immediately darted back under the fence to safety, so I allowed them to continue interacting since they'd already figured out the fence meant safety.


After that hen walked off, the chicks went back over to the other side and enjoyed their first dust bath a few feet away from where most of the hens were dust bathing.


I plan on opening up my version of panic doors this weekend or early next week, weather permitting. I don't do actual doors though, I simply elevate the mini run fence on bricks which gives enough room for chicks to slip in and out.


Apr 14, 2019
North Dakota
Yes I’m grateful to this forum for panic door integration method. Just added first new bunch of chicks to my existing 1 year old flock this spring. Dog crate in coop from week 2-3. Then panic door into crate another week or so. Then just places to hide in coop that are harder for bigs to bother with. My run is big and lots of food/water options and at 8 weeks they are fully handling themselves. 2-3 days early they got picked on a little but since just minor little pecks and redirections. Love it. No waiting until closer to same size

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