VIDEO - Hen not walking right - Please advise

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    This was posted in another area yesterday, sorry for the double post, but there were no answers.

    My little Rhode Island Red is on the comeback from a big molt. I know she's uncomfortable, but there is something else gong on and I can't figure it out. Over the weekend I noticed that she would intermittently walk low to the ground (crawling), sometimes almost laying down to snack, and then other time I saw her walk a little sideways. I have read other posts on similar behavior, but something is not clicking. She was vaccinated for Marek's so I don't think that is what it is.

    I don't think this is an emergency at the moment, but if you think I should post it elsewhere, let me know.

    I have 10 hens of 4 different breeds: Delware, RIR, BR, and Black Sexlink. Everybody else in the flock acts totally normal.

    The bird in the photo below and in the video is:

    Age: 22 months

    Feed: layer pellets, light snacks of BOSS mixed with pellets, meal worms, millet, Cayenne, yogurt and DE (About 2 cups for all birds most, but not every) day.

    Health: Clear eyes and nose, no parasites, good breathing, but she seems to be getting thin. Crop OK.

    Don't know about her poops because I haven't seen her go and there are always other hens around. However, poops under her roost territory seem normal.

    Last worming for all was about 3 months ago.

    Habits: eating and drinking great. She protects her "territory" by chasing others away when she feels the need. Her "crawling" appears to be intermittent, and if I get really close to her she walks away perfectly normal.

    I don't use poisons in my yard so that concern can be eliminated. The girls only get to free-range for an hour before dark daily; they are otherwise contained in their coop and run. They have 64' of coop space, and 400' of run space.

    Please see photo and watch video and tell me what you think. The video is quite huge so I won't be able to leave it up too long. Thanks so much for all input. It would be nice to identify this behavior and get her back to herself soon.



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    Looks like shes eggbound.
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    is she laying? I am unable to watch the video so I am limited in info. you can put her in a separate crate/box etc.. to see if she lays an egg. warm bath for 20-30 minutes helps if she is egg bound, lube her vent to help egg to move. also sometimes hens get a vitamin deficiency that can result in imbalance, inability to walk. you can give her some chicken vitamins and electrolyte solution in her water, may help her. If her problem is due to vitamin def. it can take several weeks of vitamin treatment before they are better. I gave my hen vit. B 12 and vit. E in her food for two weeks and she is fine now. Sometimes a molt can really wear them down, so the vitamins and electrolyte solution will help her recover if that is her problem.

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