Videos of what MG can look like

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  1. I am trying to help people who are struggling with sick birds by sharing these two videos of sick chickens I had. My flock had confirmed MG. They are all gone now, but I want their deaths not to be in vain.

    This is a rooster that had primarily mucus, on and off darkening of the tips of his comb, funky smell of sinus infection, occasional bubbles in the corners of his eyes, labored breathing, and liquidy white and spinach green poop. He recovered by the end of a month in quarantine and was put with my flock. Big mistake.

    This is a hen who contracted MG eventually and had a swollen eye, sneezing, then rales, wheezing, and mucus. She did eventually recover with one blind eye. But eventually the whole flock was lost to MG. If you have symptoms like these, please take it seriously. Quarantine, test, cull if you need to. There are many diseases that look similar and require very different treatment. If you treat blindly you may make accurate diagnosis more difficult. And if you never know what it is, then returning your "recovered" bird to your flock may leave you with a devastated flock as well.

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