Village Ordinance or not


5 Years
Sep 10, 2014
I am wanting to raise chickens in my backyard. I live in a residential area. I have a decent size yard but not a large yard. I live in a village outside of City of Cincinnati area. I was told that the zoning commissioner was who I needed to speak to regarding legality. After leaving 2 messages before he returned my call, He asked what area of town I lived. He said, No, you can't raise chickens there. I said that it is legal in the City of Cincinnati. He said that it isn't legal there either. I said that it was because that was the law that I could read on line. He said that I would have to be in the agricultural district to raise farm animals.

I calmly asked him to email me a copy of the ordinance. I got "uh I'll have to see what I can find." I was kind of upset with that if you were returning my call about raising chickens, he should have had ordinance in hand. I still have yet to get an email with the ordinance. I have called back and left another message asking for the ordinance. Has anyone met this type of issue?
Fortunately, our ordinances were online, so I was able to find them myself. If you would be willing to share the village name, it's always possible that someone here has dealt with them or knows something. Is there an office location that you (or someone willing to help you) could just show up at to request a copy of the ordinances? It sounds like you are being ignored. It also appears the commissioner doesn't know the law in Cincy, but you'd have to see the actual village ordinances to know whether he is right about yours. Keep at it until you get the documentation you need. Keep us updated too!

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