Vintage Antique Brooder


7 Years
May 20, 2012
I need help finding parts for an antique vintage brooder that we have. I cant seem to find anything about it but most of everything else for chickens we have from the same time is Montgomery Ward and the model is 2060 but unfortunately thats all i know and its electric and looks like a salatin brooder its square and what not and has a place for the fabric around the bottom any help you have i would greatly appreciate thank you!
It would help if you could post some images.
Top, side, inside...
What parts are you looking for?

My brooder is about 50 years old and this year the reostat for the light/heat regulation went gunnybag on me so will require some work next time.
Good luck!
Sorry for the goat rear lol this is the control panel part This is the underneath it also says MODEL HMS 2060 on it but no other makers mark i am just wanting to find the thermostat and the control panel parts plus i am not sure how if a fan goes in the center or not any info would be helpful
Have you gotten answers to your questions?
I have a similar brooder and as for your one question about a fan, I don't think they had a fan but rather an adjustable pipe I'm thinking something to do with heat control together with the temp setting.
I had to replace the temp controle biscuit on my unit but I found that in my case any stanard biscuit worked
I know your question was plased some time ago but I would like to know how you made out with your brooder
I haven't actually used the brooder last year we ended up putting the chicks just in our coop with heat lamps this year may be different but when I plugged the brooder in it worked other than the thermostat stuff like you said but ours looks to really have an fan that makes the air move so its not just stifling underneath did you use yours? Does yours have the burlap that goes around the sides?

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