Virginia - Flock of 18 Game Birds

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  1. I have 18 Game Birds for sale in central Virginia (off I-95). I believe they are American GameBirds but I don't know their history except the man paid hundreds of dollars for some of the birds. There are 8 roos, 6 hens, 4 half-grown pullets. Reds and greys. I will sell them in pairs or as a whole flock but NOT hens alone as I don't want to get stuck with the roos!

    They are for sale to pet or breeder homes only NOT FOR FIGHTING!!

    They are priced at $30 a pair or $200 for all. Pickup preferred or I can ship if you pay for the bio-boxes and all shiping costs.

    phone: 540-905-5493 email: [email protected]
  2. bishopschickens

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    May 23, 2008
    Cumberland, VA
    bring them to farmville, va poultry swap on the 18th! Trust me you will have no problem selling them around here at all.

  3. Farmville is a little too far [​IMG] we are closer to No. VA. We have poultry sales up here in Culpeper and Berryville but the auction company charges a 30% commission which makes it a "last resort" option!
  4. bishopschickens

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    May 23, 2008
    Cumberland, VA
    oh ok I just wanted to let you know about the show if you had not heard anything about it! Good luck selling them and I doubt you will have any trouble finding them a new place!

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    [​IMG] HI VAL!!!!!!



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