Vision impaired pullet

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Aug 8, 2019
i just noticed yesterday that one of my pullets (16 weeks old) has a vision issue. From what I can tell she can see out of both eyes, but things appear about a half inch to the right of where they really are. The only reason I know is because I was handing her a single mealworm and she couldn’t get it. She kept pecking to the side of it. I then observed her very close and can tell that it’s s constant thing for her.

Is this common? She seems to get around ok and eats and drinks perfectly well. Anyone have hens with vision issues who free-range? That’d really that part that makes me nervous.
As long as feed and water are kept in a consistent place such birds can have a good quality of life. Free ranging can be a problem, and sometimes flock mates pick on such a bird.

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