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    Apr 13, 2016
    My adult Rhode Island Red has been sick for a couple of days. She is 5 or 6 years old. Twice today when I picked her up she vomited but it was all liquid, it did not smell bad.

    She has been acting sort of lethargic, sitting while the others foraged, with her head lowered. She has not been fussing when I pick her up like she usually would.

    She is drinking water, but does not appear to be eating. She feels lighter, skinner and more bony than normal.

    I could not tell if I felt an egg bound in her oviduct, it felt kind of hard, but not very large. The crop is small and soft. Her feathers, skin and vent appear to be healthy. No bloody droppings to be seen.

    I noticed these tiny black spots on her comb. I have never known them to fight, or peck at one another. No open wounds found yet. I can't tell if these black spots are fowl pox or just scabs.

    Please if you've seen fowl pox, let me know if it starts this way. Thank you.


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