Voting For Egg Face Contest

Egg Face Voting for our Top Three

  • chickensioux 1

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  • chickensioux 2

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  • Big Dreamer 1

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  • Big Dreamer 2

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  • Big Dreamer 3

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  • KANSAS BOY (Egg-Bama )

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  • CHICKEN DANZ (devil or angel )

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  • OZAWKIEBANTAMS (egg-love)

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  • OZAWKIEBANTAMS (The theory of Egg-volution)

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  • MAMAWOLF544 (eat moooore chicken )

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  • JESTERSEYE (egg- secutioner)

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  • HOPPY (Emu egg carving)

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  • CHICKLOVER98 (where the cool chicks hang)

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  • THREEGOODEGGS (Egg- stinction)

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12 Years
Sep 15, 2010
Ozawkie, KS
Ok Folks we are getting down to the nitty gritty here we need to start thinning out our entries to get our top three so we can have our final vote on the 31st.
This has been a fun contest with some fantastic entries so lets find our top three.

Good Luck Everyone !
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I cant believe someone voted for egg love
Thanks DinosRBirds! Well I'm really glad to see mine was well liked! There were so many good energies it's hard to choose just one! Definitely has to be a regular contest, the more people see these threads the more will participate! Add to that Nifty offering such a wonderful prize (assuming it would continue), who wouldn't take the time to have some fun with it! Maybe you should talk with him about 'how often' to do one and such! VERY genius idea, definitely the best forum contest I've ever seen or taken part in!

GREAT SUCCESS! *in best possible Borat impression*

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