Waddle and comb dicoloration


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Jul 7, 2010
I have one hen that here waddle and comb are not bright and colorful as the other hens kinda pasty. Her legs lower part look off color to and the skin seems kinda loose not tight looking like the others.

1.Type of Bird Orpington ( Buff),26 weeks, unknown but less than others you can tell she lighter.
2. She is slower than other birds mentally and fiscally. when the flock takes off she just stands there,looks like she is trying to figure out what just happened
3. 15 weeks
4. no
5. not at this time,
6. she had a hurt leg at 10 about ten weeks for a week.We separated form other birds. ate fed great just could not walk.Is fine now.
7. Scratch, Crumbles, treats.water. eats everything the others eats never seems to get a full craw.
8. separated her last night looks normal slightly less cooler than others.
10. my self
12. 8'X6' wood coop,straw in laying boxes straw on floor, free range all day
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Sometimes this is normal, like during a molt your birds will not always have nice red combs.

Can you go to the top of this section, read the questions and answer more about her to help us determine if she might have a problem or if it is normal?
I see you've edited your original post to answer the questions.

Am I right that this has been happening since the leg injury. What exactly were the symptoms in the leg injury? It could be related.
The Chickens were running I think another chicken hit her not sure. She had a hard time walking for a about a week. I moved leg at time no real signs of pain,bruising,all joints moved no swelling. She walks just fine now no limp. Also she has always been the slow one of the bunch.
Nice red combs signal sexual maturity and health. I f she has always been slower than the others, my guess is she has had some sort of defect since hatch like heart problems or something else you can't do much about. Does she ever stand and pant when it doesn't seem to be hot and none of the other chickens are bothered? Does her comb ever go bluish? Those could both be signs of heart trouble.

Maybe someone else has some ideas?
No, by slow I mean slow in the thinking. If the flock is just standing there and something catches there attention the other birds just take off to check-it out she just stands there like what just happened. she is always last. she does every thing the rest do just slow. Emys thanks for following up on the post.
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Welcome. Sorry I couldn't help more. Are you pretty sure she can see well? Hatched with bad eyesight?? Maybe she got pecked on the head very hard as a chick? Sounds like it's nothing you can treat.

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