Wait time after dusting for mites?

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    Jun 21, 2011
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    I'm about at wit's end. I know there is one aggressive RSL in the coop who is a pecker, and the other birds all show signs of her handiwork. But things ahave gotten worse the last few weeks, to the point that I'm suspecting mites.

    I haven't been able to positively identify any, but the symptoms are there. So I plan a dusting of the girls and their coop.

    I'm a tad leery of dusting them directly with Sevin, and will likely go with one of the " . . . rethrins."

    The questions.

    Sevin, in the labeled garden applications, recommends a wait after dusting and before harvest. Would the alternatives have the same requirement? Should I not use the eggs they lay for some period of time after being dusted? Any thoughts re Sevin in the bedding and 'rethrins o directly on the birds?
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    We dont wait at all. Collect and eat them. At least that me.
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    I don't have much experience with dusting with sevin or "...rethrins" but when our chickens get mites we dust them every week with diatomaceous earth, and still collect their eggs and the mites go away after less than a month, with the itching relief being instant. Hope this helps... [​IMG]
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    Sep 12, 2009
    If you do have mites and get rid of them by just dusting, I think you will be very lucky. You can check them at night to confirm they have mites. I would think you would need to clean the coop out, spray with liquid sevin, or permethrin, dust all the chicken, maybe even ivemec on eash one, put clean shavings back in, and repeat in ten days to really get rid of them.

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