waiting for medical tests is so difficult


6 Years
Aug 31, 2013
I am fairly new here , and its hard for me to ask but I need to ask for prayers for my wife, shes such a wonderful person and accepted me and looked past all my back conditions and limitations ( numerous bulging and herniated disks, spinal stenosis, joint facet , bone spurs, ext.) and loves me anyway, about a year after we met she started having severe pain and was diagnosed with fiibro maligia and joint facet and bulging disks also , recently her pain has gotten worse and the dr has ordered tests that frankly are very risky but yoi know how sometimes you are scheduled weeks before you.can have them done , well the dr said she has all the symptoms of having M.S , we do not know if she has it or not but I am turning to anyone who has faith and asking them to pray for my wife jessica, that the medical tests go smoothly and that she doesnt have M.S , We are truely appreciative of everyone who will, Thanyou very much in advance !!!
I will pray for you and your wife.
Right now we are stuck in the city and are wanting to move to the country but are waiting till after the tests are done, she said that no matter what the tests say we are going to sell our home and move someplace rural , it will probably be some where in Illinois , we live in granite city, Il. right now, city life just isnt for us.... were hoping once we know whats wrong with her and we get the house sold we can find some acerage and enjoy country living, we cant wait to start raising chickens, and maybe a couple cows also , I have been researching alot of different breeds ot chickens ( but I am open to any suggestions ) so far for our egg chickens I want to get some black australorps, RIR, welsummer, maybe marans, and some Cochins ( for setting ) , not quite sure if were going to raise any for meat purposes but definetely thinking about it , any suggestions if we do want some meat birds ?, and I want to get a few breeds of bantams ( just for pets and maybe showing evetually) and I am also wanting to get some game chickens ( for show purposes ), I was raised in a small rural town and had regular chickens before but have never owned a game chicken before so I have read alot about a lot of different breeds and think it would ne a good idea to start out with some oegb and or some standard oeg or AG ( thoughts ?) I like BB red, wheaten, blue wheaten, red pyle , solid black , solid white , color varients , like I said evetually I would like to show them but I am sure once I choose which breed and color I want it will take awhile to get them show ready, just because I have no experience with them I dont want to take the money for SQ right out the gate and will buy some from a hatchery to gain experience, I have heard that hatchery chickens arent really " gamey" but to me thats not important, I want them because of their looks , I know the color varitations from a hatchery wont be SQ either but hopefully they will be something that can be improved upon later on, if not at least I will get some experience out of them .

When I get to worrying about my wife I try to take my mind off it by thinking about how great its going to be living in the country and just noticed I tend to ramble about chickens... I guess to keep my mind off it, Thanks for any advise about chickens and for listening.
Thanks for the prayers and for the advise of getting welsummers , I can't wait to get out of the city, granite city, Il is really close to st. louis , actually I could be in downtown st. louis in 10 minutes and it seems like everytime I turn on the news theirs a shooting over there ( was 3 shootings lastnight!!) and my neighborhood used to be so nice, you didnt ha e to lock anything up but the past couple years it has went down hill .

I have found a few places that are nice and not to bad on price so I just hope we have no problem selling the house so we can have the down payment for one of the properties.

I have even been designing the chicken houses and the chicken runs, I would love to have the chickens free range ( my chickens growing up was free range and it really hekped to keep the flea and tick populations down alot) but I want to see how bad the predator population is first

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