Waiting for my pullets to start laying and rooster trying to mate them


10 Years
Sep 13, 2009
This is all new to me . . .

If the girls are getting ready to lay eggs, will they let the rooster fertilize them? If they are not interested, does this mean they are not ready to lay eggs? They are RI reds & whites all about 5 1/2 mos. old +

What are the signs that my girls are getting ready to lay eggs?
It has been my own experience that a rooster senses when a pullet is just about ready to lay. It seems as if my boys were ready before the girls (crowing loudly and doing the mating dance) but they left the girls alone until the girls were ready. I have 2 barred rock roos for my RIR and barred rock girls. All my girls vary in age by about 3 weeks. When the older Reds were ready, the rock roos mounted them and I saw my first eggs from them about a week later. The rock girls being 3 weeks younger were ignored by our roos until they were ready.
Like I said, it's my own experience and others may have other imput.
Some of the signs to look for in your pullets will coincide with egglaying and mating. The girls will do this little squat and sometimes a little bit of foot stomping for you. That's when you know they've reached maturity and mating and egglaying will soon follow.

Some roosters will wait, while others aren't so patient. Watch the rooster's behavior, and if he's too rough or violent, I'd get another one. Good luck!

I'll have to watch for your clues. Thanks!
my boys were mating my girls all winter up to about 2-3 weeks ago, now that the hens/pullets have started laying the guys won't touch em... stupid birds

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