Waiting For Rain


12 Years
Dec 6, 2008
Hafford, SK, Canada

Plenty ugly out there this AM, the poor finches are riding the feeder like a circus ride. Hummingbirds have been back for awhile. Getting gros beaks that didn't have in winter.

Got garden in on Monday except tomato bedding plants, hot pepper plants and eggplant are under spiffy double walled 'A' frame covers I made. Is supposed to rain for next few days so timing is everything. Just have tomato and a thousand leek, red and yellow onion threads I started awhile ago to transplant and done till first weeding. Left 1/2 to put in squash, cantaloupe and watermelon maybe after this cold snap.

First batch of goosies are big as the ducks w/o a sign of a feather yet, big fat goofy fuzzy balls. They sure look after their younger sibs tho, letting them cuddle up.

So far so good this spring, some rain and then summer weather would top it off.


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