waiting for this turkey to hatch...


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Dec 16, 2008
Is killing me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I am usually good when it comes to chooks, since I am constantly hatching I can walk away from the bator or go to sleep with out gluing my face to the bator. But I am so excited about this darn turkey! It is zipping now and I cant stand it. I have already decided that it is going to be a real pet. I am going to try to get it to imprint on me and be the ultimate turkey (can you see my high hopes for this bird?) Why wont it just hurry up and get out of that darn shell so I may love it and squeeze it and call it George!
I know I am just talking to myself but this is taking FOREVER no progress in the zipping at all.
I know how long it can take I am just so impatient for this silly turkey. I bought chicken diapers a while back and cant wait to use them on it

oh why wont it hatch??????????????
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I feel like I'm in the waiting room now too. Good luck for a safe turkey delivery. Can't wait to see the new baby!

p.s. Tell me about these chicken diapers, please.
ahh the diapers I bought them from a byc member I will try to find her name in my pm's and let you know, but there are a few women here that make them if you post about looking for them and for pics I am sure you would get a few responces.

still no progress, huge pip hole and has zipped maybe 1/8 around. Thank goodness I have kept busy with paperwork and my ds the last few hours.
well I realized it was shrink wrapped. so I had to help. it seems as the yolk was all over it and had glued it to the membrane? almost like it was originally a double yolker??? anyway had to set up a strong heat lamp and wash it because its wing was stuch to the feathers and pinned to its side. I have never seen anything like it. It is now in the bator but has yet to be able to stand.

so much for my turkey dreams

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