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    My hens are now past point of lay going on 6 months of age now. Due to day length I appreciate my orpingtons may not start till day length increases again. However their wattles have developed and now look a deeper red and they seem calmer. I have put two dummy eggs in the nest boxes. How much longer should i be before I decide to sell them if nothing happens? Should I wait till spring then if nothing materialises decide to sell them?
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    I'd say it's just a waiting game from here. Could be any time. Most of the Orps I've owned have been fairly decent winter layers as well.
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    You have pullets, not hens(female chickens are called pullets until one year of age, then they are called hens.) They are not past point of lay until they lay ;).
    How old are they in weeks?
    18-28 weeks is average POL for most breeds, diet and time of year can move those numbers.
    When you sell them is up to you...chickens can teach you patience...or not.

    You got some good answers in your other thread:
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